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Self Protection

Unfortunately for the community most Martial Arts Instructors supplement their income by providing self defence courses. While they may have the best intentions the consumer can be provided with incompetent techniques or irrelevant material by persons with no experience in the task.

Tutored by the Directors of  Nationwide Defence Services in the 1980ís and enhanced by courses in USA, UK, SA, Russia & Asia, Hugh Doherty further pools from Law Enforcement Personnel, Paramedics & Justice workers. Rod Bradley is a former Police Tactical Instructor, Special Operations Instructor and Government Consultant.

KAOS - is a modern system of lifestyle defence using concepts from martial arts adapting to human behaviour. KAOS is the formulation between Rod Bradley of South Africa and Hugh Doherty of Australia.

I strongly recommend that all persons check a persons bons fide in relation to instruction. Unfortunately there are many globally that have purchased qualifications with little legitimate training or assessment. It is your time and finances, choose wisely.

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