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Filipino Martial Arts for the Western Mind

Learn the combat applications of edged and impact weapons from a pioneer in FMA. Recognised by the worlds leading authorities as one of the most progressive and well travelled persons with a syllabus allowing maximum learning in a defined time frame.

Modern teaching methods with a focus on reality has seen this system progress through out the Western world.

Competitions are performed safely at Local, National & International levels and training in the Philippines with camps and specific requirements regularly available.

Hugh Doherty is the founding President of Australasian Filipino Combat Arts Federation the largest independent  group promoting FMA’S in Oceania and the only non indigenous person inducted to the Hall Of Fame by International Philippine Escrima Arnis de Mano Confederation in 2005.

Over two decades of FMA research & qualifications is available for your knowledge.


Muay Thai / Lethway:

Thailand’s Thai Boxing & Burma’s bare knuckled head butting throwing styles combined in the Kevin Junior syllabus of “BANDO”. Saya (master) since 1993 Hugh has been granted approval by minister of Sport in Myanmar  and Independent judicator for International matches by the Traditional Burmese Kickboxing Federation promoters in Rangoon. Hugh also has achieved Masters Qualifications in Thailand’s NONGKEE Muay Thai School. By  Master  Pramote Hoimook.

Unified Combat

Mixed Martial Arts:

Sport designed for the requirements of Promoters, spectators and Government bodies, covers all ranges of competition in a rapid submission format. Great for fitness or reality type training. Allows for progression in limited rules matches. Australian Jujitsu & Kobudo Association approved Judge, Referee & Coach. Approved by the Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board, Department of Sport & Recreation Victoria.

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