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The second coming !

Seminars in Myo Shin Ryu, United Kingdom Ju Jitsu International syllabus & Iaido.

The most legitimate westerner in Japanese budo corrected techniques and provided an insight into his obtainment of 28 dan grades in Budo. Aiki principles with ZIP and weapons made this trip a worthy event for those who missed in 2001. Gradings were conducted without applicants allowed knowledge of what was required for added dimensional stress. Renshi Debbie Schofield as Hanshi’s uke and was a delight to view her skill and personality, Her children’s seminar was a insight to what can be achieved when educating 50 enthusiastic ju jitsuans. Instructors absorbed the exercises provided to insert in local lessons. This insures that all AJKA clubs maintain the Quality Difference.

Tattersall Triology. 2007 in December was the third visit to Melbourne by Hanshi. Seminars and personal tuition were conducted over the 10 days after Hanshi had visited New Zealand. Gradings in Myo Shin Ryu were conducted as was Iaido. Expansion of Jo kata and the formulation of Tessen kata were conducted and finalised. A very productive trip and enjoyed by all. IPEAC Life Membership. 2009 Hugh Doherty was made a life member of IPEAC. This after decades of FMA training and obtaining after assessment the highest award in Kombatan ~ Arnis De Mano ( The collective of all 3 Presas brothers) registered in the Philippines & Sistema Birada the northern techniques recognised by President Obama used against invading forces in World war 2.

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