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Baton IT

Baton Instructional Tactics. Impact weapons incorporating Defensive Tactics that are reality based. Designed for safety & security of personnel with legality issues addressed. Control & restraint tuition to your requirements.

Knife IT

Reality based edged weapon awareness and techniques from a designer ( Diablo blades) and practitioner utilizing a decade of Emergency Services employment, security experience (doorman & bodyguard) & coronial autopsies to develop this unique program.

Students of Yawara & Combat Kali learn these techniques over time but those desiring to learn in module format can study “ Knife Instructional Tactics”.

Trained by the world’s elite not recipients of a short camp or correspondence facility.

Minors not permitted.

Myo Shin Ryu

An Aiki based style of Ju jitsu designated a new Ryu by the Dai Nippon Butokukai of Japan. “Bright with the essence of technique”

Soke Allan Tattersall 10 th Degree has the honour bestowed upon him after 50 years of Budo training earning 28 Dan grades in Japanese Arts.

Training incorporates Aikijutsu, Jojutsu, Bojutsu  Hojojutsu & Iaido.

Hugh Doherty is the Australian Representative having trained in 2001 extensively, grading at Hombu in 2003 and again in December  2005 At AJKA Headquarters. Yondan – 4th Degree.

Godan in December 2007 and Menkyo Chudan in September 2008.

Awarded's achieved at World Butoku Sai May 2008 Kyoto, Japan.

Dedicated students need apply.

Quantum Force Combat

Those who need to know swiftly.

Quantum Force Combat - "Birada's" extreme system of defence taught to military personell.

Quantum is available in 2 modules, basic & advanced with the techniques structured for maximum retention for reflex response.

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